Town Planner, Lynette Prince-Large is both the face and brains behind Creative Planning

Her teaching experience means she possesses keen negotiating skills with an ability to really listen to clients. As a Town planner working with a building certifier, with a number of years experience in the industry, Creative Planning is in a unique position to offer an inside understanding of the building industry in a holistic sense compared to most town planners.

Thanks to our negligible overheads, Creative Planning offers reasonable pricing for town planning, without losing the quality of our services.

We provide discounted rates for our services compared to our competitors and deliver a fast turnaround to get your project on its feet quicker.

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Our Services

Written Advice

Preparing submissions, planning advice and on-site step-by-step meetings

Preparation & Management

Guidance and support in responding to council notices


Negotiations on behalf of owners with both Council and State governments and consultations with stakeholders

Who Do We Service?

Industrial Development



Health Care Facilities

Commercial Entities


Catteries and Kennels

Signage for New Development

People who Live in Character Places who
want to Alter their Dwellings

New Dwellings in Character Areas

Multiple Dwellings

Dual Occupancies

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